‘National Student’s Parliament’ being organized by the Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training of the Kerala Legislative Assembly as part of the Festival on Democracy. Student’s parliament is intended to inculcate democratic values and imbibe a political culture and craving for democracy as a system, thought and vision. The focal points of discussion will cover faith and affinity towards politics and parliamentary democracy, plurality of thought, the essence and spirit of the Constitution, need for ethics in public life, the vision of sustainable development and the emergence of a new world of enlightenment through information gateways. This platform shall be shared by students from selected Central Universities and academic campuses from across the country.


1. Shri.Zacharia P. Samuel
Deputy Secretary
0471 2512397(Office)
2. Shri. V.G.Riju
Under Secretary
0471 2512670 (Office)
Smt. L.Jyothi
Under Secretary
0471 2512020 (Office)
4. Smt. Rajeswari R
Section Officer
0471 2512585 (Office)
5. Smt. Leena William
Section Officer
0471 2512341 (Office)
6. Shri. Abdul Majeed
Assistant Trainee
0471 2512638 (Office)