National Women Legislators’ Conference

A National Conference with the focal theme “Women in Democracy” will be organized as part of the Festival of Democracy. The seminar is aimed at analyzing the progress achieved towards the women empowerment in particular and gender equality in general and also the road ahead in this regard apart from highlighting the challenges & hurdles and suggesting remedial measures in order to achieve women empowerment in India. The seminar is intended as a brain storming session on the existing social legislation, government enactments & policies and gaps in their implementation, the role of various civic societies and NGOs working in the field of women empowerment and social and political dimensions of the issue of women empowerment in India.


1. Shri. M.K. Surendralal
Additional Secretary
0471 2512206 (Office)
2. Smt. S. Shahina
Joint Secretary
0471 2512643 (Office)
3. Smt. Kavitha Unnithan
Joint Secretary
0471 2512010 (Office)
4. Shri. G.S. Suresh Kumar
Under Secretary
0471 2512353 (Office)