FAQ on National Students’ Parliament, Kerala – 2019

1.Can a student outside Kerala participate in the conference?

Yes. This platform shall be shared by students from Universities and academic campuses across the country.

2.Am I eligible to apply?

The conference is intended for students of various Universities of India aged between 18 and 30.

3.How can I apply?

The only way to apply for the National Students’ Parliament is via online application. Visit the official website / for applying online.

4.Is there a Fee for registration?

There is a Registration Fee of Rs. 250/- for those who are participating in the National Students’ Parliament.

5.Is there any fee concession?

No fee concessions are allowed for any category.

6.Where is the venue of the conference?

The destination of the conference is Legislature Complex, Kerala Legislative Assembly, Thiruvananthapuram. The first two day conference will be held at the following venues:

The main venue is at R Sankaranarayanan Thampi Member’s Lounge, Assembly Building. All plenary sessions and one parallel session will be held there.

Second Venue is at Banquet Hall, Administrative Building.

Third Venue is at special stage in the premises of the complex.

7.How do I reach the venue of the Programme?

Necessary guidance shall be given at the reception desks arranged at the Railway Station (Trivandrum Central), Trivandrum Airport and Trivandrum Bus Terminal.


Click on the link to route map

8.At what time should I reach the venue?

Delegates are expected to reach the venue on 22nd February 2019. Registration Counter at the venue will be open from 10.00 am on 22nd February 2019. On 23rd February 2019, the counter will function from 8.00 am to 9.30 am only.

9.How can I enter the Legislature Complex?

You can enter the Legislature Complex on production of the confirmation letter to the security personnel at the gate.

10.How can I enter the venue?
You can enter the venue upon production of the ID card issued to the delegates at the Registration Counter.

11.Is there any preferable medium of communication?

English is the preferable medium of communication.

12.Will I get a certificate of participation?

Certificates will be issued on the last day of the programme to all the delegates who have attended the sessions.

13. What does “Rings of Fire” mean?

After the programme on each day, delegates can gather in an open free area. Around 200 students can sit in concentric circles and discuss on themes which will be listed in the website. The Rings of Fire programme will be conducted on 23rd and 24th February 2019. Moderators will be there for assistance.

14.Is photography allowed inside the conference?

Kerala Legislative Assembly is a photography restricted area. Photography is strictly prohibited in the inaugural session.

15.Will I get accommodation?
Please read the Item No. 6 & 7 of the instruction attached to the Registration Form.

16.Will the accompanying persons to the delegate get accommodation?
No. They have to arrange their own.

17.Will the accompanying persons to the delegate get entry to the venue?
No. Only delegates are allowed to enter the venue.

18.Apart from the Registration fees do I have to incur any expenses for food accommodation and conveyance (to the venue and back)?
No. Only registration fee is collected from the delegates.

19.Can I present papers in the sessions?
If selected to present, a delegate can present a paper on a particular theme in the regional session. Only two delegates can have the opportunity to present the paper in one venue.

20.Is there a scope for presenting cultural programme?
Upon getting selection to present the solo cultural programme, the delegate can present.

21.Will musical instruments be provided?
No. You have to bring it by your own.

22.What about parking of private vehicles?
Very few space is available within the premises.


1.What is FoD Portal all about ?

The Portal www.festivalondemocracy.in is launched in connection with the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Kerala Legislative Assembly. FoD comprises of a series of national level conferences viz

1. National Legislators’ Conference on Challenges in the Empowerment of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Independent India

2. National Women Legislators’ Conference

3. National Students’ Parliament

4. Special Conference on Assembly Proceedings

5. National Media Conclave on Democracy

6. Consensus Conclave on Kerala Development

2. How do I register for the programmes in FoD ?

There are only 3 programmes scheduled as on date
National Legislators’ Conference on Challenges in the Empowerment of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Independent India,National Women Legislators’ Conference and National Students’ Parliament of which only National Students Parliament needs registration. The other two programmes are being conducted for selected participants.

3. Will I be provided with accommodation facility ?

Sufficient arrangements shall be made for the accommodation of the delegates, though facilities are limited.

4. Will there be accommodation for those who are accompanying the delegates ?

Accommodation is limited only to delegates. Those accompanying the delegates will have to make their own boarding and lodging arrangements in Thiruvananthapuram. However, we will provide assistance to find the suitable accommodation against payment.

5. Is there a Fee for Registration ?

There is a registration fee of Rs. 250/- for those who are participating in the National Students Parliament.

6. How do I reach the venue of the Programme ?

Necessary guidence shall be given at the reception desks arranged at the Railway Station (Trivandrum Central) and Trivandrum Airport.
Click on the link route map

7. Will I get a certificate of participation ?

Certificates will be issued to all the delegates who have attended the entire session of the programme.