Conveners Message for National Legislators Conference

Dear Citizens of India,

We take pride in the Democratic Principles of our great Nation-India. The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world. Our Constitution declares India as – sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic republic. This implies that as Good Citizens it is our foremost duty to respect other citizens of our country irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, faith, color or economic background. Yet, it is a grim reality that these principles are not getting implemented at the bottom of the Pyramid and across the length and breadth of our diverse Mother land.

Kerala has been a pioneer among other States of India in the upliftment of Weaker sections of the society such as- SC/ST/ OBC, Women, Students/Youth and the Media. Nevertheless, much more is needed in this field for bringing these marginalized people at the forefront of the Civil Society. On the occasion of 60 Years of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, we have initiated a number of initiatives to mark the execution of democratic principles. ‘Festival on Democracy’ is a culmination of the Vision to put in place a structure in Indian Education, Economic and Political Sectors to induct and empower citizens belonging to Weaker Sections of the Society. Supported by Leaders, Legislators and Institutions who have worked for the upliftment of the society, the six National Conclaves would discuss many aspects pertaining to the upliftment of weaker members of our society. The Six national level seminars will be conducted as part of the ‘Festival on Democracy’ to arrive on reasonable solutions on challenges faced by the Weaker sections of the society in Kerala such as – the SC/ST communities, the Women, the Students, the Media and overall development of the State of Kerala. The festival will be inaugurated by Hon’ble President of India and remarkable leaders from the Government, Judiciary and Media will address the audience as Speakers and grace the occasion.

I look forward to a wider support from experts, learned people and Government Officials holding critical portfolios who can drive the changes required for Empowerment of the People.


Sri. P. Sreeramakrishnan

Speaker – Kerala Legislative Assembly