Information and Instructions to Participants

Information and Instructions to Participants

  1. Help desk starts functioning on 22nd morning at Trivandrum railway station and Trivandrum Airport ‚Äď Domestic/International Terminal.
  2. Upon reaching Thiruvananthapuram, all delegates should reach the Legislature Complex.
  3. Delegates will only be allowed to enter the venue on showing the confirmation letter.
  4. Delegates can call on the given Control Room number- PH : 0471-2512611/12/13 and 2512594
  5. Food and accommodation will be provided to the delegates from 22nd night to 25th noon of February 2019.
  6. Delegates should contact the registration desk upon arrival at Legislature Complex. After availing the Identity cards they should contact ‚Äėaccommodation/transport committee help desk‚Äô for availing accommodation and conveyance to the allotted places.
  7. For the delegates who have a genuine need, accommodation will be provided for 25th night also upon separate written request showing specific need.
  8. All participants shall –

a) occupy their seats at the inaugural function before 9.30 am on 23rd February, 2019 in compliance with the protocol in connection with the visit of Hon’ble Governor.

b) adhere to the decorum and decency expected from a delegate throughout the programme.

c) be present at the venue of the programme from the beginning to the conclusion.

d) not roam around in the premises of the Legislature Complex.

e) leave the premises of the Kerala Legislative Assembly only in case of utmost emergency and only on obtaining permission from the authorities concerned at the respective venue and after entering the details in the Movement Register maintained at each venue.

f) not leave the place of accommodation without the consent of the officer in charge of their place.

g) report to the officer in charge of the place of accommodation at the prescribed time in the morning for availing transport facility to the Legislature Complex.

h)report at the transportation control room after the conclusion of each day’s session to avail transportation facility to the perspective place of accommodation.

i)carry the accommodation pass issued  by transportation & accomodation committee and contact the designated officer for any queries.

j) not smoke, consume alcohol, drugs or such other intoxicants till the conclusion of the threeday programme at the venue and at the place of stay.

k) adhere to the standards of behaviour appropriate to the students’ discipline.

l) behave in an appropriate manner consistent with the relevant policies and rules of the organisers.

m) use the resources and amenities provided in an appropriate and responsible manner.

n) wear the given Identity Card prominently on all the three days and throughout the programme and make it available for verification to the officials as and when required.

Considering the security aspects of the Legislative Assemby, participants are requested to adhere to the instructions furnished above and the directions given by the officials from time to time.            


Helpline Numbers

Accommodation               : 9946688980 / 8848525793


Transport                            : 9447140869 / 9446044326


Reception                           : 9446614243 / 9447772811          


Programme                        : 9446300604 / 9446329048


Emergency Medical Assistance  : 0471- 2512533