Role of Youth in Sustainable Development Goals

The third regional session of yesterday ‘Development and Well being and the role of Youth in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals’ were enriched with lot of ideas and thoughts of three speakers and student representatives. Dr. Mridul Eapen who is the member of Planning Board expressed her views about sustainable development and the role of youth in the development and well being process. She also added that the youth should be the contributors for the same. She quoted three points which are grooming, participation and gender equality which need to improve the quality of sustainable development.

Shri Vijoo Krishnan, who is associated with All India Kissan Sabha said that we should focus on the point that to check whether it is possible in this new era to attain equitable development in all terms. Thus we need to give quality education that our government schools can raise their quality to the best schools in the world, he added.

The third speaker Shri. Job Zachariah mentioned about his concerns about the unprivileged youth and children. As he said around 30 to 35 % girls are marrying before the age of 18 and he also concerned about the unhealthy status of the young Indian girls. Child labour is still here, around one crore of children between the age of 5 to 14 are engaged in work. They don’t get education and end up their life without getting any privileges of our development aspects. As a conclusion he added that we need to create platform for our own to raise voice everywhere to moving forward with development. 

Hon’ble Speaker Shri P. Sreeramakrishnan was present in this session. There were a question answer session after the speeches and selected delegates got chance to express their views on the same topic.